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Deluxe Custom Shutters Inc

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Custom Shutters

Deluxe Custom Shutters in El Paso offers a variety of beautiful custom shutters in all colors and styles so that you may pick out the perfect shutter to match the interior and/or exterior of your home.


Shutters are both functional as well as an aesthetically pleasing architectural feature. Unfortunately, far too many homes today are built with shutters that are too small for the windows, that are poorly-made and that are, obviously fake. Rather than dressing up your home and beautifying it, poorly made or low-quality shutters can actually downgrade the look of the entire home.


Fortunately, you do not have to deal with poorly-made shutters. Deluxe Custom Shutters can create the ideal custom shutters to match your existing home style. If you want to keep some of your old shutters that are still functional, we can match the new ones to what is already there. We can also create an entirely new house full of shutters in any style you choose; whether you prefer arched shutters, plantation shutters or opt for star burst shutters, we do it all!

Choose Deluxe Custom Shutters

Deluxe Custom Shutters is known for high quality custom shutters at the best prices and for offering the friendliest service in El Paso. We can design your home’s custom shutters in a variety of sizes and styles, different colors or wood stains, and in different finishes. So call us today at (915) 855-4460 for a free estimate.

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Deluxe Custom
Shutters Inc

15161 Jacob Kuechler Drive

El Paso, TX 79938


(915) 855-4460

24/7 Service 915-478-1500

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