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Deluxe Custom Shutters Inc

15161 Jacob Kuechler Drive

El Paso, TX 79938



24/7 Service 915-478-1500

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About Us

Deluxe Custom Shutters is a family owned business. Having previously worked for other shutter manufacturers both brothers, Ramon and Ignacio decided they could offer the people of El Paso much more when it comes to interior and exterior shutters.


For more than 30 years now, Deluxe Custom Shutters has been a source of not only top quality window shutters and
unsurpassed customer service, but also the best place to come for tips, advice, and expertise in the area of window

shutters in El Paso. Deluxe Custom Shutters has earned the respect of the top builders and decorators in the region
as well a s the pickiest and most perfectionist customers.


Without a doubt, our strong determination to offer the best price and quality has led Deluxe Custom Shutters to offer
beautiful, innovative shutters at an unbeatable price not only to El Paso, but to everyone nationwide. We also serve

Dallas, Austin, San Antonio as well as Las Cruces, and southern New Mexico.


Deluxe Custom Shutters of El Paso is at your service. Don’t forget that you can always stop by, visit our showroom, and take a tour of the manufacturing area. See for yourself how your custom shutters are manufactured to exceed your expectations.

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Deluxe Custom
Shutters Inc

15161 Jacob Kuechler Drive

El Paso, TX 79938


(915) 855-4460

24/7 Service 915-478-1500

Hours of Operation:


8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Sunday by Appointment

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